Monday, February 04, 2008

Trading Psychology and Trader Performance: Selected Posts From 2007 - Volume One

I went back to the 2007 TraderFeed posts on psychology and trading and pulled out some of the "best of the year". Here are some of my favorites from the first quarter; more to come. Happy reading, and thanks for all the interest and support!

* Flux and uncertainty create opportunity, in markets as well as psychology;

* Mastering psychology with therapy for the mentally well; setting goals; enacting your ideals; reprogramming your experience

* What makes the winners tick: Overlooked qualities of successful traders; six keys to trading success;

* A description of how I trade; tracking the market's largest traders; identifying breakout moves; my principles for short-term trading;

* How personality affects trading performance;

* Well-being, and why it's important, plus a questionnaire for self-assessment and how to transform stress into well-being.

* Sentiment and identifying the sentiment trend;

* Somatic markers and trading decisions;

* A technique for rapid behavior change;

* Traders don't always do what they should: Why traders self-sabotage; why traders don't trade their plans;