Sunday, February 03, 2008

Themes to Begin the Week

* Buying Sentiment - Has been consistently strong of late. My Adjusted NYSE TICK has been in solid positive territory for 7 of the last 9 trading sessions. I break out buying and selling interest as separate variables from the TICK and we've been seeing both above average buying sentiment and below average selling. This has been a key factor in the steady expansion of fresh 20-day highs among stocks during that time. More on this tomorrow when I review the indicators.

* Links and Insights - Trader Mike's updated links include a very interesting post on daytrading and poker. Abnormal Returns links prospects for the rally and an insightful view of the lifecycle of hedge funds.

* Screening for Stocks? - Charles Kirk's readers name their top 10 stock screening tools.

* A Look at Breadth - Quantifiable Edges explores the breadth indicators and what they're telling us.

* Gold Rush - The Big Picture passes along an inflation-adjusted view.

* Hot Money - A Dash of Insight looks at ETFs and sector rotation.