Monday, February 11, 2008

On the Monday Radar

* Great Performance Idea - Research tells us that goal setting and review are very helpful to performance enhancement across fields as diverse as athletics and management. One way to review your performance (and simultaneously review market action) is to replay the trading day by taking frequent screenshots through the session. Dave Mabe of StockTickr offers a practical solution, using free Windows software.

* Market Views - The ball is in the bulls' court, Trader Mike observes. Abnormal Returns links a number of good themes, including how the smart money is currently positioned and how munis look attractive here. Corey takes a good look at gold.

* Trader Views - Chris Perruna offers a set of questions to help you assess whether you're built for full-time trading. See also wisdom from Tom Bulkowski after 25 years of trading and a great summary of insight from Tom compiled by Charles Kirk.

* The Real Housing Problem - Is inventory, inventory, and inventory according to Calculated Risk.

* Not Such Good Risk/Reward - Accrued Interest finds little edge at the long end, but looks for 1% rates and continued strength elsewhere on the curve.