Monday, February 25, 2008

Become a Part of Dr. Brett's Next Trading Psychology Book

The Web 2.0 idea behind blogging is that knowledge and expertise are distributed. By connecting people and freely sharing insights, all are enriched. I would like to extend this approach to the book that I'm currently writing.

The broad purpose of the book is to show traders specific, practical methods they can use to improve their performance as traders. You can think of it as a "trading coach in a book". My hope is that the book can be published in electronic as well as print forms, so that the ideas could be on the computer--readily accessible--while traders are involved in markets. The electronic book will also contain Web links, including links to all contributors. An appendix will also highlight resources recommended by contributors.

Are you a blogger that would like to share ideas for improving trading? Do you offer a product or service that is specifically designed to assist developing traders? Are you an experienced full-time/professional trader who has personal experiences and methods to share? If so, and if you would like to be featured in the new book, drop me a line at the email address listed in the "About Me" section of the TraderFeed blog. Just give a brief idea of what you'd like to share, and then we can pursue it at your convenience.

After working with many different traders across a variety of settings, I've learned quite a bit since writing the last book on Trader Performance. Some of what I've learned has added to my understanding of the psychology of trading; some involves practical techniques for improving how we trade. Still, a book that synthesizes wisdom and experience from many sources is better than one that approaches its topic from a single angle. I enjoy sharing experience and expertise, but also love learning from the insights of others. My hope is that the new book will be a learning experience for all, as well as an opportunity to showcase the worthy work of others.

Thanks for the interest; it's greatly appreciated. I'll post periodically on the book's progress.


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