Friday, February 15, 2008

Ideas at the End of the Week

* Weak Financials - This useful chart from Decision Point shows the ETF for S&P 500 financial stocks (XLF; top panel) and the Advance-Decline line specific to the financial issues. After a bounce in late January, the A-D line is scraping at bear lows and we've seen a pullback among the financials. GS, in particular, has been displaying recent relative weakness. Tough to imagine this market gaining much bullish traction while doubts about this sector continue.

* Trading Psychology Posts in Spanish Language - Many thanks to ElJugo for this post, a lesson on trading psychology.

* More Good Links - Abnormal Returns finds good reads on the shape of the yield curve and other relevant topics.

* Broken Hearts? - These issues were selected as ones most likely to break investors' hearts in Kirk's survey.

* Lack of Bulls - Interesting observations: VIX and More notes record low interest in call options.

* A Long-Term Bull - Chris Perruna offers perspectives from Warren Buffett.

* The Brain Boom- Sharp Brains notes the growing interest in brain training, a field I've long believed has great potential for traders.