Monday, February 11, 2008

Trading Psychology and Trader Performance: Selected Posts From 2007 - Volume Three

Many thanks to readers for the comments and emails on the post collections from 2007. Here's more of the "Best of TraderFeed" for 2007, with selected posts from the third quarter:

* What research tells us about underconfidence, overconfidence, and decision-making bias; how we make decisions in hot and cold cognitive states; what traders can do when they lose confidence;

* Anticipating volatility for the stock market;

* How to use imagery to make behavior changes; using emotion to change emotion; how to lose well in markets;

* Ten principles of short-term trading that have served me well; a common, but losing strategy for short-term traders;

* Learning styles and their importance to trading performance;

* How to become your own trading coach; how to set goals for success;

* Mali's life lessons; five principles of personal growth;

* Evaluating your mood during trading; improving your ability to cope with trading stresses; how problems relate to past coping


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