Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trading Psychology and Trader Performance: Selected Posts From 2007 - Volume Four

Thanks for all the warm feedback about the first three installments in this "best of 2007" series. Here is the final set of links, covering the best posts from the year's fourth quarter. Enjoy!

* Here are some steps you can take toward becoming your own trading coach; keys to emotional resilience as a trader; so important: finding your own voice as a trader; a unique coaching perspective; here are three predictors of coaching success; keys to coaching yourself successfully.

* A key question for traders: How do you *know* you have an edge? Also, here's a few things to consider before attempting to trade for your living.

* What distinguishes the best traders: cognitive development; the important role of self-confidence in performance; the important role of self-efficacy;

* Ten trading rules that have served me well over the years; six positive trading behaviors that make for a good report card; solution patterns worth enacting;

* The underappreciated role of regret in trading; four major problem patterns traders face; here are some of the stresses that traders face and a post on how we can prepare for those stresses; how psychological burnout affects traders; understanding anxiety and how it affects trading;

* Very important post on how people make changes; how we experience ourselves affects our success; and our behavioral premises shape our experiences of ourselves;

* The trader as warrior;

* Seven mental traps for traders;

* What to do when you encounter meaningful drawdowns;

* The role of the brain in trading performance