Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trading Psychology and Trader Performance: Selected Posts From 2007 - Volume Two

Here are more "best of 2007" posts from the second quarter. Happy reading!

* A visit with a world-class trader, who was also featured in my Trader Performance book;

* When performance coaching works, and when it doesn't; here's a guide to coaching for professional traders; a look at when coaching fails; what you need to become your own trading coach;

* What we can learn from trading and poker;

* How to change your self-talk; here's how to handle performance pressures; a framework for building self-efficacy.

* Here are some steps to take if you're losing money; here's what makes us lose discipline;

* Evidence that aspects of trading style are hard-wired; evaluating your personality and how it shows in your trading;

* The heroic dimensions of trading;

* What makes a trader's marriage successful;

* Assessing your strengths and why that's important