Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mid-Week Resources for Traders

* The Wall St. Cheat Sheet site offers an interesting inside look at trader and entrepreneur Howard Lindzon. Howard is the guiding force behind Stock Twits, which brings together tweets from across the trading world.

* I often receive inquiries regarding simulation platforms for those getting their feet wet in the markets. Apex Futures in Chicago offers its platform in simulation mode, with a nice feature that treats fills for limit orders conservatively, rather than assuming that you'll be filled as soon as the market touches your price. Craig Ross at Apex tells me that TraderFeed readers trading the S&P 500 e-mini market will be given a discounted, all-inclusive $4.25/rt price per contract that includes phone support; you may want to check them out.

* Henry Carstens offers a free e-book on Testing Trading Ideas, as well as numerous papers on trading topics. Great resource. I'll be interviewing Henry for the blog shortly.

* Many thanks to Charles Kirk for including The Daily Trading Coach in this site's listing of favorite investment books. Check out The Kirk Report's regular linkfests; the selection of articles and posts provides an excellent overview of economic and market themes.

* NewsFlashr offers an excellent way to stay on top of recent postings for a number of market-related blogs; also check out Corey Rosenbloom's Editor's Picks each week.