Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daily Trading Coach E-Book Now Available

I promised to post when The Daily Trading Coach book came out as an e-book in PDF version; I'm pleased to report that it's finally available from Wiley. Please note that the book is also available at a discounted price in Amazon's Kindle format and, of course, it is available in hardbound edition from Amazon at a nice discount.

Unlike other trading psychology texts that I've encountered, The Daily Trading Coach is written as short "lessons" that describe practical, hands-on techniques for improving trading performance. Chapters in the book cover making life changes; handling stress constructively; maximizing emotional well-being; self-coaching techniques; behavioral, dynamic, and cognitive techniques to change problem patterns that affect trading; sound business practice for traders; advice from experienced trader/bloggers; and finding edges in historical trading patterns.

What I like about the e-book version is that it allows traders to read relevant lessons from their desktops before, during, or after trading hours. That makes the text a kind of daily coaching companion...hence the title of the book!