Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laws of Psychological Energy and Secrets to Life Success

Values reflect what is important to us; what is meaningful.

Strengths reflect our talents (inborn abilities) and skills (acquired competencies).

Efforts that are aligned with our values and strengths *give* energy: they are psychologically affirming.

Efforts that are not aligned with our values and strengths *sap* our energy: they render us psychologically invisible.

Highly productive people are those who spend much of their effort time in alignment with their values and strengths. Their energy and efforts yield further energy and efforts.

Disorders of psychological energy--laziness, procrastination--come less from internal conflict than from a misalignment with respect to one's values and strengths.

To motivate yourself to do something, you generally don't need counseling or therapy; you just need to find creative ways to undertake and accomplish your goals in ways that draw upon your values and strengths.

If you're not very productive or successful in your work, you're probably not in your sweet spot of values and strengths.

If you operate within the sweet spot of your values and strengths, you're more likely to be successful and productive.

Relationships are more likely to be successful if they draw upon our values and strengths. Those relationships give energy.

Much of trading success consists of finding a niche--a set of markets, strategies, and ways of viewing markets and strategies--that fit with internal values and strengths and external opportunities. More generally framed, that is probably also a formula for life success.