Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gaining Global Perspectives on Markets

I want to extend a special thanks to Ali Ghareb, author of the Trader Diary blog. Ali has generously translated selected TraderFeed posts into Arabic. At the same time, he covers markets from the Middle East in English; see his latest post on EGX (Egyptian Exchange) stocks to watch.

I mentioned a while back that Denis Popov was providing Russian language translations of TraderFeed posts. Denis is the author of the worthwhile My Ideal Trade blog, and he provides a listing of top Russian trading blogs.

I have also heard from Jorge Sarvisé, a frequent and valued commenter on posts here, who has expressed a kind willingness to translate selected posts into Spanish for the excellent Cárpatos site.

In all these cases, I also welcome translation of original Arabic, Russian, and Spanish language posts into English, so that I can link to them via TraderFeed. This would bring a wealth of global information and perspective to readers.

My hope over time is to build a small network of international blogs, promoting discussion and analysis across cultures and markets. I will actively link to participating blogs to help them gain a wider English speaking readership. Interested global bloggers can reach me at the email address listed in the "About Me" section of the TraderFeed blog. Thanks!

9:50 AM CT - I'm pleased to add Gustavo to the international roster. He comes to us from Brazil and writes a very interesting English language blog that covers options markets. Gustavo has generously offered to translate TraderFeed into Brazilian Portuguese; I hope he'll also point us toward resources covering the important Brazilian market, so that I can link for readers. My thanks to Gustavo; I look forward to hearing from more international bloggers.