Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Worthwhile Online Trading Resources

I'm continually scouring the Web for promising trading resources. Here are a few that are on the current radar:

* Tracking Equity and Credit Research and More - I very much like the new Research Recap site developed by Alacra. Here, for example, is Economic Research; here is Market Research. There's even a section of Academic Research. It's free (paid research is available via the site as well), and it's well organized in blog format, with RSS for automatic reader updates.

* Neuroscience Interviews - Here are 11 interviews conducted by Sharp Brains, the latest with Judith Beck, Ph.D., who has been a pioneer in extending the cognitive therapy frameworks developed by her father, Aaron Beck, MD.

* Wealth of ETF Information - The Seeking Alpha site has a page devoted specially to new ETFs. It's amazing what's out there, including muni bond ETFs and an international private equity ETF. See also this page on specialty ETFs that track specific market themes.

* A Thought Provoking Blog - I like the market perspectives offered by Aleph Blog (even if they, like me, were surprised by the 50 bp hike!). Here are some big picture views from Aleph. And, by the way, if you're looking for financial blogs, the best blogroll is on the Instant Bull site, which also does a fine job of aggregating news and trader posts.

* Tracking the Polls - Gallup conducts polls that are very relevant to trading, investing, and the economy. Here we see that people are concerned about the effect of the housing crisis on the economy, but aren't concerned about how the housing situation will affect their personal finances. Here's how Americans view the economy.


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