Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I'm Reading Midweek

* Please note that I'm also posting links each day via Twitter.

* Thanks to Trader Mike for pointing out the InfoNgen tool that pulls together and organizes material from RSS feeds. Very promising.

* Great link collection from The Kirk Report, including a look from Hulbert at a historical analogue to today's market and a view from Goldman that the worst of the credit crisis might be behind us.

* Dr. Bruce Hong outlines what traders should consider in assembling a trading plan. Excellent site.

* Here's another fine site: A Dash of Insight, written by a professional money manager, shares their ETF model picks and tracks their performance.

* Excellent research: Bespoke Investment Group isn't yet seeing recession in the Chicago Fed data, but offers a view of house price appreciation that isn't for the meek at heart.

* My thanks and appreciation to the pros who take the time to share their views via the blogosphere. You rock.