Friday, September 21, 2007

Biofeedback and More Weekend Readings

* Biofeedback and Performance - My recent post brought quite a few emails regarding the use of biofeedback as a performance tool. Here is my post on biofeedback as a best practice in trading. I will be extending my work with biofeedback in future posts and in work with traders.

* Great Weekend Reading - Trader Mike updates his links, including a perspective on a continuing bull market. Excellent reading from Abnormal Returns, including what makes hedge funds successful and views from Robert Shiller. See also Kirk's extensive links, including a look at a possible foreclosure frenzy.

* Factoring Risk Into Decision Making - Henry Carstens' views are not simple, but they are very important. Here he explains why it is important to gauge the risk associated with trading historical patterns--and how adding elements to those patterns helps gauge their stability.

* How Economic Growth Affects Perceptions in China and India - A Gallup poll finds interesting differences between the two countries. Compare both of those to the perceptions of the countries formerly part of the Soviet Union.

* How Volatility Affects Returns - Interesting study from Larry Connors finds that historical volatility matters in stock selection.

* The Consumer Crunch - Is already upon us, according to this Gallup survey.