Thursday, September 27, 2007

Note for the Coming Week

Well, I'm taking off for New Zealand and Australia, where I look forward to meeting many traders at my seminars and look equally forward to experiencing two beautiful countries.

My posts to the blog and my "tweets" to the Twitter Trader will be limited during this time, but I'll do my best to stay on top of things half way around the world.

Thanks to Colin in NZ and Charles and Jeff in Australia for arranging the visits. A special thanks to STANZ and ATAA for sponsoring the sessions.

Meanwhile, here are a few favorite sites for staying on top of news and markets:

* Abnormal Returns - Great job of tracking down what's happening in finance; unique perspectives.

* Bloomberg - News, market data updated regularly; comprehensive.

* Daily Options Report - Adam Warner has unique takes on the market, coming from an options perspective.

* Millionaire Now! - Larry finds links trading links across the Web and also adds his own perspectives across different asset classes.

* MSN Money - Check out the commentary section, especially articles by Jon Markman. Excellent coverage of market themes.

* The Big Picture - Barry Ritholtz covers the economy and markets; his weekend linkfests are a great summary of what's been happening and what's coming up.

* The Kirk Report - News, markets, the economy, you name it: Charles finds the best of the Web.

* The Street.Com - James Altucher posts an excellent blog watch, with an eye toward stock picking.

* Trader Mike - His updates consistently find interesting market-related stories, and he tracks the action in the major indexes.