Friday, September 07, 2007

More Good Reading to Start the Weekend

* When Trading Gets Out of Control - Too many traders rationalize addictive patterns of trading as a "passion" for markets. Well, I guess that's what an addiction is: having a passion for something that brings numerous unwanted consequences. It's nice when traders face the problem squarely and get their lives back. See this very insightful post from the CXO Advisory Blog re: how the internet has changed the emotional experience of trading.

* Cognitive Neuroscience Interviews - The SharpBrains blog offers a set of 11 interesting interviews on different facets of brain function and performance. I'm pleased to see that cognitive therapy pioneer Judy Beck will be next on the interview list. I'll be appearing with her at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in May. I recommend her work highly.

* How Do Americans Rate Various Industries? - Here are some insights from the Gallup organization. See also how Americans feel about public education and especially how they feel about the economy.

* Disaster - That's how Mish describes the recent jobs report. See also his insightful post on gold as a holding during times of inflation and deflation.