Monday, September 17, 2007

Readings to Start a Fed Week

* Weakening Stocks - My cumulative line for the Adjusted NYSE TICK has been showing weakness. That has shown up in the stats for new 20-day lows, which hit a multi-week extreme on Friday, with 736 new 20-day highs and 784 new lows.

* Readings on the Fed Decision - Trader Mike updates his links, including why this may be the mother of all trading weeks. See also excellent Fed-related reads from Charles Kirk, including why the Fed can't stop recession.

* Best Blogs - Dave Johnson offers his list and wisely warns against obvious trades.

* Recession Ahead? - Paul Kedrosky, writing for Seeking Alpha, reports very high odds. See also Paul's traffic stats for the major financial portals.

* More Volatility for Stocks? - That's what Adam Warner sees priced into those fat options. But see this perspective on volatility and Fed meetings from VIX and More.

* What Lies Ahead? - A great linkfest once again from Barry Ritholtz, including a perspective on the winners and losers over the next 5 years from Rich Bernstein.