Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Update RE: The Twitter Trader Comments

A number of readers have expressed interest in the indicators of strength, sentiment, momentum, etc. that I collect daily. As a result, I will use the Twitter comments before and after the trading day to summarize these measures and offer a little perspective. I'll also curtail the intraday comments, focusing instead on helping traders see the big picture. This will keep my time free during the day, when I'm working with traders and writing the new book, and will also keep the comments focused on high-yield information not available elsewhere. My hope is to make the Twitter comments a brief, daily newsletter with timely, actionable info.

Among the indicators I'll be tracking:

* New 20 Day Highs and Lows Among Listed Stocks

* % of Stocks Trading Above and Below Their 50-Day MA for Different Markets

* Cumulative Adjusted NYSE TICK (Daily Cumulative TICK Compared to 20-Day Average)

* Demand/Supply (Index of Stocks Trading Above and Below The Volatility Envelopes Surrounding Their Moving Averages)

* Technical Strength Index (Number of Stocks in My Basket Displaying Strong, Neutral, and Weak Strength)

Together, these measures should provide a worthwhile perspective on whether the buyers or sellers have the upper hand. As always, I'm open to your suggestions and feedback. Thanks for your interest!