Sunday, September 09, 2007

Finding Your Calling and More Ideas to Start the Week

* The Importance of Dreams - Here's an interesting post from Fast Company's site, relevant to the topic of finding one's calling. Here's a unique exercise for finding one's interests.

* Assessing Trader Sentiment - Thanks for Barry Ritholtz for pointing out Yahoo!'s effort to quantify investor/trader sentiment via board postings. See also Barry's weekend linkfest, including a worthwhile post on whether China is dumping U.S. bonds.

* Economic Perspectives - Are among the Sunday links offered by Abnormal Returns, including a consideration of solvency vs. liquidity crises.

* Rise in NASDAQ Volatility - Adam Warner tracks VXN and finds it outperforming VIX. See also this volatility index comparison from VIX And More.

* Picking Winners - Winners in the Kirk Report's stock picking contest will be sharing their methods with members.

* Weak Dollar Makes for Strong Commodities - Here's an eye-opening rundown from Larry Nusbaum and a look at gold strength from Musings of a Trader.

* Near-Term Risk-Reward Ratio - Doesn't look favorable for Henry Carstens' systems.

* Where to Find Worthwhile Blogs? - Check out Value Blog Review for reviews of financial blogs. Some great nuggets there.

* Housing Market Woes - Are not evenly distributed. Here's an interesting perspective from Goldman Sachs passed along by The Kingsland Report.

* What LIBOR is Telling Us - WSJ Online blog reviews the significance of rates that are out of whack.