Thursday, September 06, 2007

Self-Help Resources and Other Reading for a Thursday

* Figuring Yourself Out - I received a few emails following my post on problems as coping efforts. For those interested in further resources, here's a link to a series of articles on the topic and here's a link to a related article series.

* Keeping It Real - With the exception of selected posts reprinted on the Seeking Alpha site, I have not authorized any other website to be reprinting posts from this blog. If you're reading this on a site other than TraderFeed, I invite you to visit the TraderFeed blog and make use of the Twitter comments on the site as well. The lack of integrity of someone who would post other people's work as their own (or as a tool to further their own traffic) just astounds me.

* Keeping a Trading Journal - StockTickr has been adding features to their electronic journal, including impressive performance reports. Excellent resource.

* What Will the Fed Do? - The market is already pricing in its answer, according to this Seeking Alpha post.

* How Would a Rate Cut Affect Markets? - The market may be anticipating inflation already, Charles Kirk notes, with a rundown on recent strength in gold and gold stocks. See also Kirk's recent links, including a look at what happens after multiple days of 9:1 up:down volume.

* What's the *Real* Unemployment Rate? - The Big Picture offers an eye-opening estimate of real-world unemployment.

* Stock Screening Ideas - Chris Perruna offers some of what's on his radar and also posts his CANSLIM screening candidates.

* More Stock Picks - Here's what the MSN StockScouter is identifying as worthy of consideration. Here's a portfolio of stocks owned by Warren Buffett that have implemented stock buyback programs, as reported by the excellent StockPickr site.