Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Reading: Strategies and Perspectives

* Options Strategy - Condor Options shares their strategy for making money from iron condors. See the iron condor links on that page, including trading rules.

* The Learner's Focus - Henry Carstens on what learners should focus on--and it's not winning.

* What the VIX Tells Us - Daily Options Report looks at the message from VIX options. More perspectives on those options from VIX and More.

* A Market Leader - Market Sci examines how semis lead the broad stock market.

* The Value of Being a Maverick - CXO Advisory summarizes research on unique hedge fund strategies.

* Sector Views - A Dash of Insight offers weekly perspectives on sectors and ETFs.

* Trading Rules - Globetrader offers an interesting set, covering just about every facet of trading.