Friday, August 22, 2008

Forex Trading Expo and Other Upcoming Events

* Forex Trading Expo in Las Vegas - Just a quick reminder that I'll be delivering a keynote address at the conference on Saturday, September 13th at 8:45 AM. My topic will cover some of the themes from my new book and will illustrate how traders can use principles of psychology and coaching to further their performance. I'll be arriving at Las Vegas Friday morning and will be around all that day on the 12th. Do let me know if you'll be at the event; I'd enjoy getting acquainted.

* Change of Schedule - I appreciate the continued interest in the Twitter posts; over 700 traders have subscribed to the Twitter feed and many others read the posts on the blog site (where the last five "tweets" are posted). The posts will be irregular over the next week, as I'll be traveling to Asia to work with traders. I will continue to track market themes and indicators during that time, however, and will be posting to the blog daily.

* Returning Home - I'll be back in Syracuse October 8-10th to teach at my med school department and deliver a grand rounds presentation. If there are any Upstate New York traders who'd like to meet over coffee, by all means get in touch. For anyone interested in my academic writing, many of my recent publications are listed here.