Monday, August 18, 2008

No Bulls In This China Shop and Other Market Ideas

* No Gold Medal For This Market - China's Shanghai A index continues to make new lows, having been cut by more than half in the past year. Whereas we've seen a bounce in U.S. stocks since mid-July, no such strength has been evident among China's shares. Note falling commodities as well; this is not a market that's pricing in growth.

* Austrian Economics Perspective - Ray Barros examines the implications of free-market economics.

* A Grand Slam System - bzbtrader offers a tested system idea that looks like its name.

* Poker and Trading - Eerie similarity among patterns of mistakes chronicled by Don Miller.

* Oil and Equities - Are they really correlated? Market Rewind takes a look. See also his take on gold and the U.S. dollar.

* Changing Market Patterns - Excellent analysis from MarketSci shows how patterns have shifted among Treasuries.

* Options for Rookies - Mark Wolfinger offers his take on the perils of overconfidence.

* Locating Longer-Term Value - Nice Market Profile perspective from Traders Tee Time.

* Tracking Markets - A few tools and perspectives for assessing market direction from My SMP.