Friday, August 08, 2008

A Look at the Advance-Decline Line and Other Market Perspectives

Going Nowhere - One feature I like in the Decision Point site is their tracking of common stocks only among the NYSE issues, eliminating preferred shares, closed-end funds, ETFs, and other issues that might not truly reflect what equities are doing. As the above chart shows, after a healthy bounce off the July lows, the market has remained range bound and the advance-decline line for NYSE common shares has gone nowhere. Given the weak new high/new low figures, which I just updated in my Twitter post, and the weak money flows, it's tough to be a bull here.

More on Pairs Trading - I recently posted on this topic; see an excellent post from Market Rewind on pairs trading within the energy complex.

Tracking the Markets - Trader Mike is following the U.S. dollar strength and oil weakness; The Big Picture notes that the media has been wrong on the issue of housing.

Thanks - To those who wrote regarding the midday Twitter updates that caught some market themes and divergences. This month I'm in NY, UK, and Asia to work with traders, so my screen time will be limited, but I hope to include more of these kinds of real-time market observations in the future. The last five updates are on the blog under "Twitter Trader".

Tracking Global Markets - The ProRealTime web-based charting service looks interesting, with free end-of-day coverage.

Tracking the News - StreetRead looks like an interesting aggregation of news specific to individual stocks and media sources.