Sunday, August 03, 2008

Checking Out Financial Blogs: More Weekend Site-Seeing

My recent site-seeing post featured links from Newsflashr and Abnormal Returns. Let's take a look at other sites from those two sources, as well as from the excellent links provided by Charles Kirk and Trader Mike.

* Accountability - Credit to Tim Sykes for not only posting his trades, but also his trading results; ditto to Charles Kirk. Thanks to Bill Rempel as well for pointing out the tracking of trades on his site, as well as on the Stock Logic site. These are great learning tools.

* Digging - 10-Q Detective digs through news at several energy firms;

* Weekend Reads - Paul Kedrosky offers several themes from the mainstream media;

* Alerts - Declan Fallond notes that Zignals is offering an advanced alert service;

* Contrary Indicator - Footnoted finds a very unusual one in midnight filings;

* Pronounced Slowdown - Excellent economic review from Investment Postcards;

* VIX Views - Daily Options Report notes continued complacency and divergence between implied and historical volatilities;

* Odds of Recession - VIX and More notes the new trading in recession probabilities;

* Too Clever? - The Aleph Blog notes a flat monetary base, even as the Fed provides enhanced liquidity to banks;

* Confirmatory Bias - The Stock Market Prognosticator takes a look at what sustains bubbles;

My third set of site-seeing links will be posted Monday afternoon. Note that I also post links daily via the Twitter app, with posts focusing on important market themes.