Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching Up From Asia

* Wonderful City, Wonderful Hosts - Many thanks to Ana Wang and Ray Barros for their gracious welcome to Singapore. You can tell a lot about a country and city by how it maintains and develops its infrastructure, and Singapore is stellar in that regard.

* Nice to See Him Back - Happy to see that Charles Kirk has landed on his feet in Utah and is back to finding excellent market themes in his links.

* More Themes - Trader Mike updates with views on short-selling bounces, guidelines for novices, and more. See the latest from Abnormal Returns, including a look at two-year reversion patterns in markets, performance of small banks, and more.

* Wall St. and Washington - A thoughtful perspective on GSEs from A Dash of Insight.

* Dollar Strength - Chris Perruna notes a buy signal on USD.

* NASDAQ Weakness - Alpha Trends notes support becoming resistance.

* Expecting Bad Things? - Credit spreads are at all-time highs, Bespoke notes.