Friday, August 22, 2008

Ideas to Finish Off the Market Week

* Tough Trading - Quantifiable Edges looks at the challenges of trading a choppy market environment; see the commentary also from Afraid to Trade.

* No Decoupling in an Information Age - Excellent perspective from Paul McCulley, contributing to The Big Picture.

* Good Reading - The difficulties of running a hedge fund, sobering views on real estate, and other good updates from Trader Mike. Check out excellent readings from Abnormal Returns, including what $SOX performance means for the market and views on hedge fund performance.

* Questioning the Doubters - John Forman challenges the idea that those who can't trade teach.

* For Those Starting Out - Ana Wang and the Market Success blog offer perspectives for new traders.

* Preparation - Before the N.Y. stock market open, Kirk posts his overview of the day and premarket movers; Mike posts his watchlist.

* Two Excellent Readings - A sobering view from David Rosenberg via John Mauldin. See also Stratfor's take on the current geopolitical equation following Russia's action in Georgia.

* Fun List - Top 100 undiscovered websites, from PC Mag.

* Getting Smaller - The eminis were supposed to address small traders; now we have microlot trading.