Friday, August 01, 2008

A Site Seeing Excursion: Checking Out Financial Blogs

I thought it might be interesting to try something different and link to a variety of financial blogs featured by Newsflashr, many of which you might not be familiar with. Newsflashr updates each post on each blog, so that you can stay on top of your favorite sites easily. In this post, I'm also covering sites reviewed by Abnormal Returns, which does an excellent job of staying on top of financial posts.

* Coaching Yourself - John Forman offers three best practices. Here are Chris Perruna's top three self-coaching practices.

* Daily Commentary - Bill Cara summarizes the market day, but adds his own unique take on the action.

* Intermarket Relationships - Afraid to Trade tracks several changes in intermarket themes.

* Setups on Different Time Frames - MaoXian offers a multi-time frame view of the MER trade.

* Live Trading - Brian Shannon has begun broadcasting his market analysis and trading live.

* Choppy - Market Sci takes a look at daily follow-through.

* Presidential Cycle - The Stock Advisors site offers a perspective.

* Where to Put Money - Andrew Horowitz offers his $100,000 portfolio in MSN Money's Strategy Lab.

* Biotech on the Move - VIX and More notes a breakout.

* Housing Inventory - Peridot Capitalist notes expansion of inventory, but some improvement in CA.

* Equity Idea - If rates go up, Random Roger offers a possible equity trade.

I'll have more links from diverse sources shortly.