Saturday, August 22, 2009

Site Seeing Excursion: CXO Advisory

Recent site visits have featured Cara Community and SMB Trading. Over time, this tour bus will take us to a number of interesting sites. For the record, these highlights are never requested by the site authors, and I receive no compensation for them. My sole purpose is to acknowledge good, creative work when I see it; that enriches everyone.

Today we're visiting the CXO Advisory blog, which has truly built an excellent knowledge base from original and published research. The site is well organized, with features concerning such topics as momentum trading/investing; sentiment measures; and calendar effects in the stock market.

One of the more sobering features of the site is the tracking of "guru" performance for those advisors that make trading and investment recommendations. For a particularly insightful presentation of the challenges of successful trading and investing, check out the "investing demons" feature, which synthesizes a considerable body of literature.

Considerable work goes into this site and it shows. Respect.