Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching Up on a Few Things

I'm working with hedge fund portfolio managers today and Wednesday; returning home on Thursday, so tweets and posts will be more limited than the usual frantic pace.

There have been a number of positive emails and comments from readers about yesterday's post detailing the thought process behind one of my trades. Thanks for the interest; I will follow up with other "real life" posts, including losing trades and dealing with those!

Thanks also for the interest regarding next week's webinar with IOAMT. I will post registration info when it's available. Speaking of IOAMT, I see where Bill Duryea is offering a free webinar on Market Profile. I continue to find the Profile framework invaluable in conceptualizing market action across time frames.

I'm also still waiting to hear on the posting of the archive for the most recent webinar on best practices. I'll post here to the blog once it's up. Thanks for your patience!