Monday, August 17, 2009

Free Wednesday Webinar on Best Practices for Traders

When I gave a talk for the Traders Expo in L.A., I had the pleasure of spending time with Damon Pavlatos of FuturePath Trading and Linda Raschke, well known for her education of traders and her lengthy trading career. We discussed the idea of my doing a free webinar as part of FuturePath's educational series for traders. It now looks like that will happen this Wednesday (August 19th) at 3:30 PM CT, after the New York stock market close.

The webinar topic will be "Best Practices for Active Traders", and it will focus on specific trading and psychological strategies that I have found to be helpful in my work with traders (as well as in my own trading). The Go To Webinar session will be audio with the audience able to see the PowerPoint slides on my screen. I don't know if it will be archived, but--if so--I will encourage the FuturePath folks to make a link available for those who can't be part of the live event.

To register, go to this site and provide your information, including email address. You'll be sent login details. Look forward to seeing you there!