Saturday, August 15, 2009

Online Trading Analyst: New Features Coming to TraderFeed

A while back I wrote about how the blog and Twitter feed can work together as a kind of trading analyst. The idea is to provide real time decision support for traders that extends their vision of markets. The key to making this work is providing information that does not overlap what is already readily available by charts and that offers fresh perspectives on market action that can lead to profitable insights and ideas.

For quite a while, I've posted information on market strength (20-day highs/lows); momentum (Demand/Supply); and trending (Technical Strength) that offer unique views of market and sector behavior. I've also used a basket of 40 stocks (five highly-weighted issues in eight different S&P 500 sectors) to help gauge market breadth from the open--useful in identifying trending and non-trending markets (as well as breakouts).

Soon to come will be more measures from the basket of stocks, including five-day new highs and lows that catch short-term swings in market strength. I'm working on a screening platform that will catch intraday highs and lows as well, as a way of catching sector rotation and evolving market buying and selling.

Many of the weekly measures that I now track, such as Technical Strength, will move to a daily basis, again to catch shifts in trending within and across sectors.

Briefing posts will increasingly identify shifts among international markets and various asset classes to highlight money flows globally.

Finally, I'll be rolling out a platform that will integrate all of this in real time for more coherent decision support. Twitter has its place, but it's time to move beyond Twitter. It's possible to convey information in 140 characters; what's just as important is the higher level integration of that information--and the modeling of reasoning processes that underlie that integration. That requires other ways of conveying information, different technologies.

My hope is to have all this running by the start of the new year, but individual new features will pop up well before then. As always, thanks for your interest.