Sunday, August 02, 2009

More on Gnarls Barkley, Teamwork, and Trading

A trader contacted me this weekend. He blew out at the end of the day Friday, playing for an upside breakout with big size. Many, many days of profit were lost with one hail mary trade at the end of the week.

How would our trading performance change if we had just one small voice of reason sitting on our shoulder while we traded?

How might our trading performance improve if we just had one more pair of eyes--one perceptive set of lenses--watching and filtering the markets with us?

Might we have noticed that the new highs in the ES contract (top chart) were not confirmed by NQ?

Might we have seen that those highs were also not confirmed by many S&P 500 sectors: XLP, XLB, XLV, and XLK?

Might we have integrated those pieces of information with a recognition of the range day to fade those highs and make our day?

Might we have noticed the broader market context of a market losing momentum day over day, making an upside breakaway move less likely?

How much success do we miss because we lack teamwork?

I posted recently about
Danger Mouse, Cee-Lo, and the creativity that can come from the chemistry of good teamwork. How the whole can be so much more than the sum of the parts in a performance.

That Gnarls Barkley collaboration gets it. Watch their teamwork in the studio. Observe how it's all about getting it right that first time--in real time--because that's when you *feel* it. Note how one team member can surprise another by feeling it in real time, generating a novel outcome from a creative work.

How many people never find their greatness because they never find the teams that bring the best out in them? In marriages? In business? In trading?