Monday, April 23, 2007

Toshiba: A Stock That's Powering Higher

Let's connect the dots:

* Here's a stock that broke significantly higher on a surge of volume in late 2005. Note that it has continued that surge recently, with a break out from consolidation on high volume. The stock is Toshiba.

* Here's the early 2006 announcement of Toshiba's major entry into the nuclear power market via its purchase of Westinghouse.

* Here's one view of the case for nuclear power in the search for alternatives to fossil fuels.

* It isn't just India, Iran, and North Korea clamoring to join the nuclear club; it's also Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries in the Persian Gulf.

* In the wake of record uranium prices, the NYMEX is listing a new uranium contract to help operators of nuclear plants hedge against further rises.

Assembling these dots, one might get the impression that a variety of forces--concerns over emissions, desires for energy independence, peak oil fears--have converged to provide a shot in the arm for the nuclear industry.

Maybe, just maybe, smart money has been buying Toshiba--and not just for their electronics.