Monday, April 09, 2007

Call For Trading Coaches And Mentors: Upcoming Linkfest

I recently mentioned some of the factors that contribute to success in performance coaching. In the trading world, the terms "coaching" and "mentoring" are used in a variety of ways, as John Forman has perceptively noted. That makes it difficult for traders to find the kinds of helping that are right for them.

To address this challenge, I'm collecting links to experienced coaches and mentors who work with traders. In several days, I'll post a linkfest that will highlight coaching and mentoring resources.

For purposes of clarity, I'm using these terms in the following way:

1) Coaches - People who help traders with the mental/emotional/psychological aspects of trading, including techniques for improving self-control and trading consistency;

2) Mentors - People who help traders with the actual mechanics of trading; the "how-to" aspects of defining setups, setting stops and price targets, position sizing and risk management, etc.

By this definition, coaches function as counselors for traders; mentors function as trading teachers.

If you are a coach or mentor and would like your website or blogsite to be included in the upcoming linkfest--or if you're a reader who would like to recommend a coach or mentor--please email me in the next few days. My email address is at the bottom portion of the "About Me" section of my blog home page. Feel free to include in the email a brief synopsis of the services you provide and your specific areas of expertise.

My hope is that this will provide a useful resource for traders seeking assistance.

Also stay tuned for Volume Two of my linkfest covering blog sites that teach How To Trade. There's some great stuff out there for traders seeking ideas for self-mentorship!

Thanks as always for your interest and participation--