Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How To Trade: Blog Linkfest Volume One

I recently assembled a collection of TraderFeed posts that deal with some of the "how-to" aspects of trading. Now, however, it's time to turn the tables and look at how other bloggers trade. A number of trader/bloggers have responded to my call for posts; other sites were suggested by readers. My hope is that this collection will provide you with a variety of models that can assist your own trading. Indeed, I believe you can learn more by following these blogs than by attending most any of the common trading conferences. So let's start with Volume One and see how others are doing it!

* Sites posting their trade ideas, including targets and stops for trades, includes Apex Trader and Alpha Trends. I like how Apex Trader clearly maps out the risk:reward for each trade, and Brian Shannon of Alpha Trends makes especially strong use of video to explain his trades. That's particularly useful, because it enables viewers to follow his thinking. The Market Speculator offers clear perspective on stock screening and part-time trading; lots of good information, including setups, on the site. The Lauriston Letter also illustrates its trading methods and offers market perspective. Company-specific information, along with point-and-figure charts, illustrate trade ideas at Bob's Advice.

* There are a number of sites that post their trades, how they performed, and what was learned. This enables readers to learn from the experiences of others. One of the most thoughtful is NYSE Scalper. The Trading Digest makes a particularly effective use of video to illustrate trades that were placed; some very solid material on the site. Other worthwhile sites include The Chart Strategist, Trader Cowboy, Dinosaur Trader, Misstrade, and JimmyBees. I like the detailed description of trading method in High Probability Trader.

* Here are sites that take a broad look at the market, along with specific trade ideas. There are very interesting ideas in Stockbee, including how to find big moving stocks. Trading On The Edge shares specific trading rules and provides market overviews. Yaser Anwar looks at specific companies, as well as the economy, and also shares how he trades. The Afraid to Trade site has a number of useful posts relevant to trading psychology, but also details the author's trading approach. See also the Trader's Narrative site, which posts trading methods as well as market views.

Oh, but we've just begun. There are many more fine sites and posts offering trading perspectives. Volume Two of the Linkfest is soon to come!