Saturday, August 15, 2009

Readings and Insights to Start the Weekend

* How the use of imagery can help in changing our patterns of thought and behavior; (Dr. Brett note: imagery techniques are especially promising in cultivating the still mind needed to attend to one's feel for the markets).

* Retail sales for back-to-school looking weak;

* Nice look at blogs that offer quantitative analyses, including some newcomers;

* Market Rewind continues a series of excellent posts; this one on a system for switching trading strategies; Jeff's member site (trial subscriptions available for his service) features a video on pairs trading. Sweet!

* Statistics make recovery look better than it actually is; one not so good stat: two-thirds of current home sales are either foreclosures or banks taking losses on sales;

* A prop trader's views on dark pools of liquidity; an article on why dark pools are not a particular threat to traders and investors; (Dr. Brett note: this is one reason I focus on transacted volume, rather than orders that increasingly aren't appearing/resting in the book);

* A growing professional class in emerging economies is a significant development;

* China continues to pursue acquisition of raw materials companies.

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a l said...

Fascinating how gaming orders hasn't changed in 120 yrs in fact this one item from 1900's ticker-tape days was all I ever really needed to know about TA-Investors then got tips from boys who overheard talk from other traders.

Ticker tapes only roll out last sale up or down tick. To validate rumor when told it was a buy this old man sent the page to place sell order instead. The boy questioned the old man but that was the right request.

So later when he came back the old man said he did well now go back and buy x amount of stock to the boy's puzzlement he earned a large tip for that.

That was all there was to the story-you ha dto figure out the mechanics yourself same as black pool IOI whatever same thing. Easy in fact.

The old man sends in a sell order say for 1000shrs xyz but moments later he identifies his trade come back on the ticker on an uptick> He knows it was aa sale and demand was high so he then reversed and went long. TA in its purest exact form.