Sunday, August 30, 2009

Psychological Self-Help Techniques for Traders: Registration for My September 2nd Webinar

I recently noted that I will be offering a free webinar this week sponsored by the Institute of Auction Market Theory (IOAMT). The session will indeed be held this Wednesday, September 2nd, after the market close at 3:30 PM Central Time. The session will focus on specific psychological self-help techniques that traders can use for themselves to aid their performance. It will be an hour long session with time for Q&A.

There is a 500-person limit for registration; I'm pretty sure this will fill up quickly. So, if you can make it and are interested, please take the time to register at this site.

I also notice that IOAMT is offering a $50 discount for webinar attendees who would like to attend their upcoming week-long workshop. They also offer a five-day free trial to their real time trading room, where Bill Duryea tracks markets and posts his trades, illustrating the use of Market Profile theory and technique.

Hope to see you at the webinar! If you can't make it, I'm told that IOAMT will be archiving the session and posting a link shortly afterward. Many thanks to Bill and Michelle for helping put this together.


Matthew C. said...

Excellent Brett. What a tremendous resource you are providing for developing traders! I'm sure this thing will fill up as soon as your regular readership logs in to check Traderfeed.

michaelD said...

can't get the registration to work ... keep getting message 'waiting for www. ..."

tried two different browsers. don't know if they're overloaded or what

michaelD said...

after about five minutes of trying w/ three different browsers on two different laptops i finally got it to work. sorry for the false alarm

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi MichaelD,

Thanks for the heads up on that. IOAMT just sent out an email blast and my tweet went to about 6700 traders, so it may be server overload on the Omnovia end. If readers can't get through after a bit of a wait, please let me know and I'll contact IOAMT. Sorry for the inconvenience--


Paul said...

Couldn't make today's webinar. Was it recorded somewhere?