Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thoughts on Networking and Success

I want to thank the many traders who have responded to the post regarding forming virtual trading groups. My hope is that those who commented to the post can follow through with mutual contacts and explorations of common interests.

It always surprises me that people who otherwise seem to desire success don't follow through on their desires with solid, persistent networking.

Life is a team sport. You learn from others, you benefit from their experience, you develop your thinking by incorporating their perspectives--and they learn, benefit, and develop in their interactions with you.

Never, ever be afraid to make yourself visible. Put yourself out there: your ideas, your experience, your interests. Cold call 20 promising people; it's the one or two that respond meaningfully that will add to your life and career.

No one will cheerlead for you; no one will discover you; no one will take you under their wing if they don't see and hear from you.

Reach out to likeminded traders. Put out enough information that likeminded traders can reach out to you. No matter how inexperienced you might be, don't be afraid to reach out to those who are more accomplished.

It's not about crass self-promotion. It's about recognizing the synergies that are possible in positive working relationships.

Go for it.