Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Useful Cheat Sheet From Barchart.com

This is an unsolicited shout-out to one of my favorite sites, Barchart.com. The site is my source for the 20-day new high/new low data that I frequently refer to; it also features useful coverage of stock and futures markets--including heat maps that I've posted about.

Above is an interesting feature for subscribers that they call their "cheat sheet". I thought I would point it out for technically-oriented traders. If you click on the sheet above, you'll see key price levels for SPY going into today's market. Those levels include their calculations of pivot and resistance levels, as well as key levels from technical indicators.

You can get these levels for any stock or ETF, which can be useful for framing price targets and alerts; seeing where we're trading relative to overbought/oversold levels; etc.