Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Traders Looking to Form and Join Virtual Trading Groups

In his comment to my recent post, reader Bruce expresses a desire to connect with other traders to form a mutual coaching group. This very much fits with my idea of using virtual trading groups to leverage learning and development.

While my work with trading firms prevents me from actually forming and participating in such groups at this time, I would be pleased and honored to have this blog serve as a place where traders could connect with likeminded peers.

If you have an interest in forming or joining a group, by all means feel free to communicate via comments to this blog post.

My sense is that each experienced trader can both benefit from peer mentorship and can contribute to the mentoring of other traders. If you can gain insight from others and share yours in turn, that sounds like the best winning trade of all.


AJ said...

Dr Brett,

Thanks for this post. Great to have the opportunity to join a virtual trading group.


TradeMind said...

I'd be very interested in joining a virtual group. What we really need is a "Match.com" for traders. Some interface where the trader could specify the time frames he trades, his style, holding period, market types and other parameters which could help narrow down similar traders that can collaborate, share ideas and most important of all learn from each other.
This would be a great feature for StockTwitz.

newt said...

Dr. Brett,

I would enjoy participating in a group with other traders.


Ionized said...

I joined www.omgyak.com in February and find that it has helped quite a bit. It is for day traders, with a live webinar run by a trader that has been active for many years. Joining helped get me out of a slump, I had been sitting on my hands for 3 months straight! Now I am trading again every day, and absolutely owe it to having joined this group. I benefit from watching a trader with much more experience than me, and would probably have stopped trading by now without the help from this group. If day trading is what you are interested in, Yaks group might be beneficial to you.
p.s. if you DO inquire, tell him 'ionized' sent you :)

Jorge said...


You may want to take a look at this article on how to create your own social network.

Best trading,


allan said...

hey guys, i am trying to form a small group, we have about 8 so far, share charts/ideas and trade together in a chat without the 200 dollar subscriptions...we meet at nite sometimes as well to discuss the next day...soccer9770@msn.com...allan...and keep up the good work brett

Joslin Lolo said...

Although a lot of trading ideas and behavours are generic someone coaching from someone who trades a similar instrument and timeframe (who is in the same niche) would be great! - one concern I have is "what qualifies someone as a coach?" is a coach someone who has consistent risk adjusted profits who has a framework for departing there knowledge? Is it someone who can talk the talk but not walk the walk?.. How is a coach vetted?

GoodVibe said...

Thanks Dr. Brett for all the good work you do here. I've been reading your valuable contribution for sometime now and learning a lot great deal. I've been maintaining a virtual community for more than a year where just lately I learned to avoid virtually all the negative side-effects of such experience (there are many and some are dangerous) while retaining an accountable and valuable place to share ideas, tools, and support between contributors. I would like you to take a look at it and provide me with your feedback. Everyone is welcome to join. Here is the discussion room ~ http://www.iamgv.com/gv/linkus.html - Here our mission and guidelines ~ http://www.iamgv.com/gv/mission-and-guidelines.html - Thanks again!

Drexbull said...


Though I currently do not trade with live money. I have been paper trading for some time now trying to fine-tune my style. I read the tape, journal, and paper trade pretty strictly. I prefer NYSE stocks, focusing mostly on Time and Sales, L2 and a basic 5-min chart with no indicators other than the lines I draw. I typically hold my position less than 1 day but up to a week. I do not and have never known another person that trades, so I have taken my self-coaching pretty seriously. I would love to network with others that have a similar style to myself!


GoodVibe said...

Here is a clickable link from my previous comment ~ Discussion room and here our mission and guidelines http://bit.ly/bLkTqF

JoeR said...

I would also welcome the chance to build a lke minded group I am building my own trend following trading system.

skogie said...

I would like to be a part of a group of serious traders. My focus is on determining market structure and then creating screens to filter out stocks best suited to capitalize on that structure.

Mike said...

I'm looking into applying my ten years of trading experience (mostly with the large market indexes) towards specializing in trading -- day/short/long -- AAPL. Applying both fundamentals and technicals of AAPL and the overall market. Would like to connect with others who would be interested in the same. I do not have any software set up to facilitate the communications but seeing Dr. Brett's post has me thinking about that. Not interested in any kind of subscription fee and not even sure if it would work ....


Vikas said...

Hi Brett, I would love to be part of such a group. Thanks for coming up with the idea... I am a huge fan of your blog - Vik

Neil said...

Hey Folks,
I use tradethenews.com and briefing.com service for news wire. Do you happen to know any other service which is even faster than the above?

Greg said...

I would be very interested in such a group that focuses on day-trading the e-mini's.

Count me in!


skogie said...

Just to follow up on my last post: what I admire about this site is the sophisticated level of instruction and methodology. My feeling is that a forum or virtual group populated by followers of Brett's work would be a place of above average conversation. Most blogs in my experience are filled with, mostly, junk. Brett, how do we make it happen??

kristian said...

For some reason, i cannot be as profitable live trading than on sim trading. For example, today i was down $200, so i decided let me do some sim trades and see if i can get in-sync with the markets. I make 150 literary on the first sim trade.

Vish said...

I think it is a great idea. I would love to help create such a group.

IMO, to make it effective, we need to make it methodology based e.g. Day trading E-mini's, Swing trading, Option premium selling etc. Also, the group needs to comprise of like-minded traders who can trust each other.

For Day-trading, it probably needs some of the following features:
- Traders help each other to formulate the methodology/plan
- During Pre-market, traders describe their plan/scenarios for the day
- During market hours, traders call their trades specifying entry, stop target etc.
- Post-market, traders analyze their trades and learn from their own and other trades.

Basically, the idea is to simulate a good trading firm where participants learn from each other.

My 2 cents...

Swing2Freedom said...

Im very interested in joining .....

but am not sure whether i'll be able to find people with the same kind of trading setting (which is not day trading) ...

Anyway, I'll start off with listing my particulars, and if it matches, then we can go ahead and start :)

Style: Swing trading the Daily Charts
Hold period: a few days to a few weeks
Market: U.S. Stock Market
Email: lionel319@gmail.com

Thanks in advance :)

Abundant said...

I would love to join a virtual trading group!

Radek Dobias said...

I am also very much interested Dr. B.

E-mini futures day trading.

Curtis said...

I'm interested in partners.

I predict (and have successfully predicted) the 2-3 day market direction. I use a combination of intuition and have developed systems to guide me. Style is primarily swing trading. I focus primarily on the S&P 500 e-mini, global macro factors, and price analysis. Primarily simulator, have some simulator experience in day trading but find the 2-3 day my sweet spot.

I am seeking both trading capital and like-minded partners especially in the Raleigh-NC area.

Capital partners will have:

1. Trading capital ready to be deployed.
2. A calm and realistic demeanor
3. Own trading experience or experience in funding or backing traders.

Development partners will have

1. A passion for markets
2. The desire to collaborate on trading systems.
3. Trustworthy
4. A desire to do tons of research.
5. A love for getting ideas bounced on head.

Other partners may have:

1. A passion for markets.
2. Experience with trading either simulated or real.
3. A desire to share and learn different strategies from one another. I am, especially, interested in professional strategies.


Also, to the day trader who I met the other day walking, sorry but your name slips me, but it would be great to get together again to discuss trading and markets. Please do email me if you happen to read this.

leon t said...

dr brett: i've participated in some groups. some good, some not so good. perhaps, because there some have no sense of cohesion. the paid sites have a sense of "education" which sometimes does not come through. so i would ask you to describe which groups you've found to work. as an instance, and if i may, i'll give two free examples. (not trying to spam). Sanuk trading group has a free room. with a great trader, (brach) who from time to time speaks. one of the founders of the group has been studying brach for years. and still continues. good intentions, even good people, but no results. another example, al brooks group. you can attend the free chat by registering on his site. he also has a paid room but there is no need to join it. the chat is composed of those who've read his work, listened to hsi free talks, even attended the paid room.good people, good intentions and not really comercial . still, unless you attend for some time, quite a time nad read and re read his material. it will be an effort to follow. good intentions, mixed results. or no results.
i give these two examples, in order to show two perfectly well meaning communities, which in my opinion, after exposing myself to them, show me that more than good intentions are needed.
perhaps you can expound on what you have in mind. i'm ready willing and able to join.
by the way, this article is a must read for anyone who wants to make money out of the market.you'll enjoy it.here it is:


c7 said...

I'm in!

TradeMind said...

For everyone reading this blog i might have an idea on how to help us create one or multiple social networks that might suit our trading styles.

With the help of google spreadsheets i can create an online form that could be distributed to all of us. The form could have questions which would help us identify and group the type of traders we are. A few basic questions could be the following:

1) What Time frames do you trade ?
2) How many years of experience ?
3) What markets do you trade ?
4) What Instruments do you trade ?
5) What type of trader are you ? MOmentum,Value..etc.

These are some sample questions i just came up with. Obviously there could be a lot more questions that we can pose to better distinguish our trading styles. If anyone has any other suggestions on the type of questions I can add to the form please pipe in.

The results of the form would be automatically posted on the web and available to everyone interested in creating or joining a social network.

The idea is by looking at the form results we can find people with similar styles to our own and connect with them.


Soham Das said...

Me in as well...

sammy said...

I think this is good, but in the end Brett is right about emphasizing our strengths. We have to find our own way no matter how much we learn from others.

Many people do not want to do this, they want a cookie cutter method given to them.

I was reading about a stubborn trader the other day... and I was left thinking, the stubborn trader should not be so fast to change--- maybe he should use his stubbornness in a more efficient manner.

Does patience have a degree of stubbornness? Is there a part of the soul that refuses to submit in it? Maybe this trader was not being as stubborn as he should be... or maybe he was applying it in the wrong direction.

Sometimes these fits of our own doing just need to be polished. Yes, they are lackluster. But they often hide real substance.

We hate to make decisions for ourselves. We all want advice. But yet, teaching people and giving them advice is a delicate thing... we have to watch how we do it. We might "educate" someone out of their own instincts, without them or us--- knowing the virtues of their instincts.

I think we are better to let people find their own answers.

"What does stubborn mean to you?"

"Are you really stubborn?"

"If so, is your stubborn nature really a problem?"

"Have you ever used your stubbornness effectively in the past?"

Before we throw a part of us in the ash can, we should dust it off with some questions.

Like climbing a mountain to see the view below... our questions give us a supra-vantage point. We still may never get the answers we are looking for, but if we are open to it, we will at least understand the ignorance of our former ones.

vineet said...

Brilliant !!! I'd be very interested in joining such a group.


Sherman McCoy said...

I love the idea Brett and think it would help traders a lot however the issue of timeframes I believe will prove to be a difficult obstacle. I am currently position trading and would probably struggle to find many like minded traders. I am still a novice but believe that if I can become a consistent trader I will help friends to enter this game as well and hopefully can set up the virtual trading group you describe.

Anthony Morrell said...


Here is something I created as a blog/Journal for myself to help with my own trading. If you trade the SPI feel free to visit.

bennydt said...

Any Belgian (dutch speaking) or Dutch traders who follow Bret's ideas and trade the US markets ?

Contact me by mail in profile, maybe we can form a group or organise a meeting (region Limburg) to exchange ideas.

My strenghts:
- Computer/database/programming skils
- Lots of ideas
- Staying alive in the markets for several years

- Can only trade in the us-afternoon.
- Too much sim-trading, finding the holy grail etc... Getting scared when putting real trades on.

Flowtastical said...

I think this might be the start of something great!

Dominic Di Bernardo said...

I created a blog with two other traders back in May of 2009 as a start to a virtual trading network. We have currently opened up the blog to the rest of the trading public in an attempt to find like minded individuals. Are styles differ somewhat, but we trade equities and options.

We are not pro's but have made substantial develompent leaps in our trading thanks to the blog. Our blog is all about the following: Sharing, transparency, accountability. The blog really acts as an electronic trading journal for each trader. The added kicker is with the blog we get to get commentary from another perspective.

Anyways if you are interested check out our blog at:


My email is dominicdibernardo@gmail.com



Adam said...

An excellent idea!

I would be very interested in forming intellectual / mutual education / support relationships with other serious traders. Trading is my only job; I've been making my living at it since 2003 ~ after a losing / learning year in '02.

I'm a quant: build / break / evolve models to form reasonable probability collars, making use of an AI kernel and Monte Carlo sims, etc ~ thus don't use charts ~ often arb sectors, and work in flexible time resolutions in response to market conditions.

Fundamentals are used for macro-analysis (see exception below).

I work mathematically not because it's "better," but because whenever I think I "see" a chart I'm virtually always wrong ~ thus will be pleased to work with traders using different methodologies to sharpen their edge. Maybe I'll learn to read a chart?

I'm no purist and am not attached to any one methodology. From time to time, based on input from my wife, a sector specialist, we design biotech equity trades. Biotech is an event-based sector with binary outcomes.

If this idea (a very good one!) has any legs at all, just think of the places we'll go!

Adam Sterling.

Bruce Berger said...

Wow bret i am glad my post sparked such interest. If anyone is a value investor and trades bases, gaps, changes of trends and has an intermediate time frame please reach out to me at bizfix@aol.com

snobtrader said...

Dr Brett,

My friend and myself have created such a room a while ago. At our room, where we show the ES chart and do some Chart Updates every hour, Serious and Independent Traders meet to discuss and share.

The adress for this is www.blue-point-trading.com/television

Would be great if some serious people join us there

Paul@Quantisan said...

I am interested!

I trade forex and Canadian stocks using technical and quantitative analysis on short (forex) and medium (stocks) timeframes.

I keep a trading development journal online at Quantisan.com. Everything about my trading are on there.

Any comment about my work/rambling is greatly appreciated!

Paul@Quantisan said...

Just browsed through the 37 comments...

@TradeMind, I like your idea about the spreadsheet. Beats sifting through these many comments. Are you setting the spreadsheet up? Do you have a link or it?

@bennydt and @Adam I think we have something in common, how do I reach you guys? I blog at Quantisan.com, drop a note there if you like what I'm doing. Thanks.

Curtis said...

I will follow up my last post about what any partner will have with what prospective partners may receive:

Capital partners will receive:

My trading predictions, insights, and the ability to profit form my ability using a profit split.

Development partners will receive:

Key insight into my creative process, tons of ideas, and a positive feedback and encouragement.

Other partners may receive:

General to specific insight into my methodologies and ways of viewing the market.

Please be sure that your profile, if you post here has your email if you want to be contacted. Adam, I did not see your email.

TradeMind said...

I will start building the spreadsheet but if there are any ideas out there in what to include into the spreadsheet, please do share.

Once the spreadsheet is complete, i will provide everyone on this blog with two links. The first link will lead you to the a website where you will have to fill in the form. The second will lead you to the real time results.

As starters, this is a list of questions i will include in the spreadsheet.

1) Name
2) Email
3) Experience (1-5 years) (5-10)
4) What markets do you trade ?
5) What Instruments do you Trade ?
6) What type of trader are you ?

Noelle said...

Please count me in.



Jan said...

Would enjoy being part of a group.

jo said...

Its a great idea, I'd like to join a group for swing trading, especially etf's, later maybe additionally daytrading. If somebody would like to share system, daily plan and observations please let me know. hiejo1@gmail.com. I will also look at the various groups mentioned in the blogs.

Chee said...


I like your questions. I would also add "What timeframe do you trade?"

Good stuff,

Joslin Lolo said...

TradeMind, maybe include timezone, and unpack the "What type of trader are you?" a little into ...timeframe, day trader, swing etc.

OptionsVic said...

Me too.
Been a free-loader learning from Dr Brett's book and this blog & tweets for a while.

Let me know how I can help.

Gro said...

OK, I will leave my 0.02$ here.

I am not sure grouping all info and discussion here is the best way to do it. First, there's a 99% chance that leaving e-mail addresses here will lead to an increase in spam reception :p However, I agree that leaving my e-mail is needed in order to be contacted so : grotaiche AT hotmail DOT com.

Also, e-mail communication sounds difficult ; rather, a forum would be more appropriate.

Anyway, I am really interested in discussing trading as I have been pretty much on my own for a year. So here are my trading info :
* Day trading. About 1-4 trades per trading day. Discretionary, not systematic. My techniques (or setups) are mainly based on Dr Brett's (well, the ones he exposed through his posts anyway).
* ES only
* I have a day job and live in Europe. I work 4 days out of 5 and trade on the fifth day (Wednesday) : this is the only day I can dedicate to trading. I also do work on it on weekends and keep up with most news all week but I do not trade except on Wednesdays.
* I have 2 years of experience but...
* ... I am still SIM trading. I am not going to put any money into this if I can't be consistently profitable on SIM. I know there are SIM detractors and all, but SIM trading has proved invaluable to me and I treat it as seriously as can be.

I am really interested in getting in touch with other traders to get their point of view on markets, trading, etc...

Adam said...

Whoops... Sorry... Forgot!

Email contact:

a (dot) sterling (at) verizon (dot) net

Please feel free, etc.

Adam Sterling.

Chris Pappas said...

Hello all:

My name is Chris Pappas. I have a virtual chatroom setup. I propose that we can email each other and come up with a date and time to discuss issues and create a structured approach to this. I will try to contact all on this list and get feedback. There are already some good ideas happening...


or contact me directly at Chris@Tradingxyz.com

Raymond said...

Thanks Dr Brett for lining up this virtual group! I am eager to learn from experienced traders worldwide!

Raymond said...

thanks Dr Brett for throwing out such good opportunity for us to line up a virtual trading group!

my trading interest is as follows:

1. Day trader of ES
2. Exploit historical pattern to explore trading edges
3. Aim to exchange trading ideas with the trading group members
4. Want to be a full time successfull trader with consistent performance

mark1788 said...

Great post leon t, the link to the
Burry piece was fantastic.
It surely deserves a second.


energizer said...

Hi i'm long time follower of Dr Brett
and follow his advice with religious devotion,i trade options in a market making style,looking for volatility
and probabilities mispricing,event arbitrage,expiration inefficiencies and index premium,i do this for 5 years now as profession,
not the guy who take just a directional vertical spread bet,if someone with similar interests,please let's exchange some ideas through the blog.

Gangineni Dhananjhay said...

I am an avid follower of Dr Brett. I got to know about Dr Brett from DailySpec.

1. My time frame is Day Trading
2. Most of my strategy and tactics are derived from SMB Training, Traderfeed, DailySpec.
3. I am a trader from India mostly intraday trading of equities.

I blog at www.hilotrader.blogspot.com
email me at gdhananjhay@gmail.com

Dominic Di Bernardo said...


At our blog "In The Money Trades", we trade options and would love to add someone that trades a market maker approach.

Here is my email itmtrades@gmail.com. Maybe we can touch base outside of this blog through email. I would love to discuss further your approach to trading options.

Look forward to hearing from you.


peterl said...

That is fantastic idea.I follow Es for over 10 years.I like to join.My email is petont (at)gmail (dot)com

DreamJOBZ said...

Dear Brett, G'day

Same as you, a contract with training firm prevents me in sharing with open team. But I'm already doing with a closed circle of traders.

I continuously monitoring my students records, most of them are open share with each other.

But there few setup I can share. If anyone interested, pls mail: Raj.DreamJOBZ@gMail.Com with the subject "Brett's VTG"

Keep Chargin'
Be Awesome
Raj, DreamJOBZ

Cristian said...

I looked at some of these posts on this subject but haven't seen any follow-through.
If you have managed to get a group together based on TradeMind survey , please post it here or any of the related posts.
Thank you,

Kos said...

A group of us began our own virtual trading group the first of the year and its been wonderful. Some long hold, some daytraders; equities, futures, forex, you name it. All sharing information, perspectives and learning across the globe. http://stockbuz.net I highly encourage your readers to follow through and begin interacting with one another. They'll be glad they did. btw hope your new endeavor reaps great rewards Brett. You're a gem.

TChaconne said...

Hi, I'm keen on joining or starting a group of traders who focus on intraday ES trading using Market Profile and Footprint.

Drop me a line if interested: tchaconne@gmail.com

Anthony Morrell said...


Starting this page to help with the isolation that comes with trading from home.

If you trade the SPI or just want to talk trading during the Australian market hours, drop me a line.