Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trading Psychology: The Best of TraderFeed 2009 - Volume Four

With this posting, we wrap up the catalog of best trading psychology posts from this blog during 2009. Here is where you can find the best of the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, and 3rd quarter. You can also find the best posts from 2006, 2007, and 2008, as well as a collection of posts on trading indicators and methods.

* A Cognitive Strategy for Overcoming Frustration; see also a Solution-Focused Strategy for Dealing with Frustration;

* Finding Freedom in Commitment

* Being Right vs. Being Profitable

* Life Problems that Become Trading Problems

* Living for Trading vs. Trading for a Living

* The Power of Market Metaphors

* Ten Qualities of Successful Traders

* Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Trading

* How to Avoid Going on Tilt

* The Psychology of Position Sizing

* The Best Projective Test of All; see also Life as a Projective Test

* Why Traders Don't Make More Money

* Trading From a Position of Power

* Reducing Bias in Trading

* Preparing to Win

* The Value of Previewing and Reviewing Markets

* Discovering Your Trading Patterns

* Managing Your Psychological Energy

* Preparation and the Perception of Time

* Setting Trading Goals

* A Theory of Romantic Relationships

* Learning to Shift Emotional Gears

* Well-Being and Frustration; see also Goal Setting and Frustration

* Novelty and Psychological Change

* The Value of Trading as a Performance Activity

* Why Traders Keep Losing Money

* What Moves Markets; see also More Perspectives on What Moves Markets

* Biofeedback Applications for Traders

* Visualization Practices for Traders

* The Psychology of Return Paths

* Hard Lessons for Traders

* Why Quiet Markets Reveal Good Traders

* Turning Human Performance Into a Lifestyle

* Market Awareness and Self Awareness