Monday, January 11, 2010

Trading Psychology: The Best of TraderFeed 2009 - Volume Two

Well, here's the best trading psychology posts from TraderFeed during the second quarter of 2009. Here's a look at the first quarter's gems; see also the "best of" posts from 2006, 2007, and 2008, as well as posts devoted to trading indicators and methods. To the best of my knowledge, this is the largest collection of trading and market psychology information on the Web. To date, it has generated over 4,000,000 visits and almost twice that number of page views. Thanks to readers for their continued interest.

* We Gravitate Toward Our Self-Talk

* Changing Psychological Patterns in Real Time

* Secondary Anxiety and Trading Performance

* Gaining Self-Control When You're on Tilt

* How Body Can Control Mind

* Questions to Prepare for the Trading Day

* Trading Scared and Scarred

* Getting Unstuck From Procrastination; also see Overcoming Procrastination

* One Secret to Life Success

* Biofeedback for Traders

* Handling Trading's Mood Swings

* The Pillars of Well-Being

* Building Your Internal Observer

* Reasoning, Preparation, and Trading Success

* The Right Way to Lose Money

* Questions to Start Your Trading Day; also see Questions to End Your Trading Day; and see Six Questions for the End of the Day

* Playing to Your Trading Strengths

* Training the Will

* Coping With Trading Stresses

* Focusing on Your Trading Solutions

* Pitfalls Faced by Developing Traders

* Social Cognition and Trading: Part One and Part Two

* The Psychology of Leverage

* The Importance of Capitalization in Trading; also see Capitalization and Trading Success

* Psychological Energy and Life Success; also see Laws of Psychological Energy

* Managing Trading Risk

* Trading Lessons From Ted Williams

* The Ability to Not Trade