Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Power and Powerlessness in Trading

Do you trade from a position of power or powerlessness?

Real power is being able to *not* trade when conditions are not right for you.

Real power is being able to trade larger--and not manage positions differently--when you have strong and well-grounded conviction in an idea.

Real power is missing a trade and quietly knowing you can get the next one.

Real power is seeing a great idea not work out--and then using that information to reverse your position and win.

Real power is seeing a swipe against your position as opportunity, not threat.

Real power is calmly placing your trades where you see others getting frustrated.

Real power is seeing a position go your way and know that a scratch is the worst you'll do on that trade.

Real power is spending hours in preparation, seeing the scenario you've prepared for, and then acting with decisiveness at the right time.

Real power is being able to walk away from the screen while a position is working itself out.

Real power is riding the moves you see, rather than feeling the need to predict the ones that haven't materialized.

Real power is knowing that you can lose on any particular trade or trading day and still finish the week in the green.

Real power is a full bank account to support you during lean trading times.

May you always trade from a position of power.