Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trading Psychology: The Best of TraderFeed 2009 - Volume Three

This post continues the catalog of best TraderFeed psychology posts from 2009, focusing on the third quarter. The best posts of the first quarter can be found here; here's where you can find the best of the second quarter.

I have also archived the best posts from prior years: here's where you can find favorites from 2006, 2007, and 2008. A separate archive of posts regarding trading techniques and indicators can be found here.

* A Trading Self-Evaluation

* The Importance of the Gut in Trading

* The Perils of Trading as a Victim

* Building Trading Strengths

* Five Features Distinguishing Great Traders

* Becoming the Best Trader You Can Be

* The Problem of Addiction in Trading

* The Value of Trading as a Pursuit

* Mindfulness in Trading

* Overcoming Failure

* Why It's Important to Listen to Yourself

* What Are Reasonable Performance Expectations for a Trader?

* Knowing Your Best Trading Processes

* Identifying Your Trading Rules

* The Challenge of Mental Fatigue

* The Problems of Trauma in Trading

* The Highest Priority for Stressed Out Traders

* Why Traders Can't Follow Their Rules and Systems

* Measuring Your Trading Success; See also Favorite Trading Metrics

* The Relationship Between Performance and Effort

* Developing Rule-Based Discipline

* Cultivating a Positive Psychology

* Trading Like a Seahorse

* Three Reasons for NOT Pursuing Trading as a Career

* The Dynamics of Trading Success

* Trading as Entrepreneurship

* Panic Rarely Pays

* The Challenging Economics of Trading for a Living

* Overcoming Frustration in Trading; see also Overcoming Stubbornness

* Developing Self-Regulation

* Perspectives on Success; see also Perspectives on Greatness

* Finding the Ideal Trading Environment

* The Importance of Happiness

* Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

* Continuous Quality Improvement in Trading

* The Decision to Give Up Trading