Saturday, September 12, 2009

Perspectives on Greatness: Past and Present

Rummaging through some of my files, I found a journal that I had begun in 1985 as a way of thinking aloud. Here are a few of the entries and several more recent links...I'll let you judge how much I've changed in nearly 25 years:

"The process of personal change is a revolutionary one, in which old modes of thought and action are challenged, overthrown, and replaced by new modes. Only a revolutionary zeal can sustain the effort needed to implement meaningful change."

"Greatness refers to a lifestyle whose dominant element is the ongoing, effortful questing for ideals and goals that enrich life."

"Great individuals are never well-adjusted; their greatness lies in the fact that the world eventually adjusts to them."

"The ideal life is not problem-free; in fact it is filled with problems: those of one's own choosing."



Radek Dobias, H.B.Sc., M.W.S., B.Ed. said...

It must feel very satisfying to feel your thinking (wisdom?) evolve over the years like that!

SSK said...

You were quite the philosopher back then! Thanks for sharing! Best, SSK

discogen said...

Thanks for sharing. It's interesting to see how Nietzsche (I presume) can provide the necessary momentum to eventually leave him (largely) behind.