Monday, May 25, 2009

Topics for the Proposed Chicago Trading Potluck

Earlier I proposed a summer coaching seminar in Chicago with a potluck format: each participant would bring one unique, worthwhile trading idea. At present, I'm working with Trevor Harnett of Market Delta to secure a meeting room at one of the Chicago exchanges. I'll post details to this blog as they become available, including possible dates.

Some topics that I plan to touch on include:

* Calculating and using pivot-derived profit targets for intraday trading;

* Advanced strategies for reading shifting short-term market sentiment;

* Psychological "best practices" utilized by professional traders.

I suspect that, if each attendee brings one good, practical trading idea, everyone will gain far more in content (and professional networking) than is typically accomplished at the most expensive seminars.

Thanks to all who have expressed interest. More to come shortly--