Friday, September 25, 2009

Readings for a New Weekend

* Here's a post on mental preparation for the trading day based upon a talk I recently gave at a Chicago prop firm;

* Excellent service that tracks the entire universe of ETFs, relative strength, pairs trades, and much, much more;

* Thanks to a reader for this interesting research on how mindfulness can reduce burnout;

* Recognizing key price levels in trading;

* Even after the stock market rally, investors are pursuing yield, not stocks;

* Worthwhile trading resources from EOTPRO;

* Excellent post from Down Under re: importance of relative volume;

* What the good Dr. listens to while posting links.


patrick said...

Based on music choice alone, Steenbarger is a sell. Sheesh.

Kristianson said...

This one is awesome:

Radek said...

Easy Come, Easy Go, Doc.

BirdMan said...

Very nice. I am still playing Ferry Carsten - how do you find these artists?