Friday, September 11, 2009

Nice Tool for Identifying Stocks in Play

I thought I'd pass along another nice tool from FinViz, in addition to the one shown earlier today. The stock screen above shows stocks scheduled to report earnings in the next five days, along with their relative performance data and volume traded. This can be helpful in identifying "stocks in play", including those with good liquidity and trending.


BalaB said...

Dr. S,
Thanks again for all the useful sites.

If any Indie traders (intermediate skill level) are looking for a peer group, please stop on by.

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scalptrader said...

I have been using SpiderScan to build my daily watch list of in Play stocks. It combines scanners from Finviz,, Interactive brokers, TD Ameritrade and others. It has a cool sector and industry scan from google finance. I live on the west coast and the streamlined watch list process allows me to sleep and extra 1/2 hour every morning.

diage said...

E mini S&P expired next week. I noticed that 1050 call has highest volume, then 1000 put and 950 put next highest.

I presume market makers are options writers, not buyers. Therefore, I thought option writers would try to prevent e mini S&P to close above 1050.

When June contract was over, it was not happening that way.

Have you watched option highest volume and contract close? Any thing you noticed?